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So there are more than 100 types of HPV. But the three that we are obsessed with, or the ones that we are obsessed with more, and the ones that are called "oncogenic" ones. And you would have heard of the cervical screening test that is done every 5 years in Australia; we are trying to see if the women has that when we examine the cervix, by the lab. And if that tested positive then there are certain things that we do in that space. But that's another virus that we are trying to minimise people carrying by encouraging vaccinations.

So another question I commonly get asked is "should we let our children get vaccinated?" And I would say to you, "most definitely, yes." This vaccination is quite safe for HPV, which is offered in our schools as part of the national immunisation program and it basically has been one of the biggest success stories in medicine, minimising cervical cancer. Both in terms of the cervical screening program that we are so luck to enjoy in Australia, and also from the prevention used. So hopefully we are having a younger cohort coming through that will not have nearly the rates of cervical cancer that previously have been seen.